NORBIT Subsea specializes in ultra-compact wideband multibeam sonars for subsea and surface platforms.

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  • Shallow water survey
  • Above water (Laser) survey
  • Open Ocean survey
  • 3D/4D Applications
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  • Moon pool/Hull mount
  • USV Survey
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  • iLiDAR
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Survey boat

Jetty Survey With NORBIT iWBMS Narrow Transmit and iLiDAR

Bathymetry and Backscatter

Using Multibeam Technology to Detect Seabed Changes In Dynamic Environments

NORBIT WINGHEAD dual head coverage in Tropical Waters

Dual Head Multibeam Survey with NORBIT WINGHEAD®


NORBIT NORdredge-Dredge Monitoring

USV survey with WINGHEAD sonar

High-resolution Survey on Versatile USV

Margaret Bridge

Bridge Survey Budapest

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Port and Harbour Multibeam Survey

Shipwreck Survey Danube River

Combined Multibeam and LiDAR Survey Using NORBIT WINGHEAD

Object Detection Using NORBIT Multibeam Sonar

Habitat Mapping Research Study

Artic ACCES project

Acoustic Mapping of Coastal Areas in the Arctic Zone

Ikka Fjord

Mapping the Ikaite columns of the Ikka Fjord, Greenland

University of Plymouth: Survey with iWBMSe sonar system

Dual Head and STX Testing with Jan De Nul

Seahorse Geomatics trial of NORBIT iWBMSh-STX

Liberty Bridge Wreckage Survey

GBT – Training, iWBMS Long Range

NORBIT UK – Case Study – Small Platforms

Acoustic Mapping of Water Column, Applications

Acoustic Detection of Macroalgae and Glaciers Mapping in Arctic Fjords

Palermo harbor, Italy, Point cloud

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GBT – Training, Maldives – HYPACK, iWBMS & iLIDAR

Argent Cosmos Lost Anchor Search

NORBIT STX Bathy Solution

GBT – Training with NORBIT’s iWBMS system and iLiDAR

USGS and Northern Arizona University Channel Mapping in Grand Canyon

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ROV installation example

USACE Norfolk Mountin Hull

USACE Norfolk Hull Mount

Utility Mapping Services Inc.

Skurdalssjøen Lake Survey by NOVATEK AS utilizing NORBIT iWBMSc (Compact) system

3 days with Hypack, NORBIT and GBT Offshore

Vancouver BC, Pipeline Surveys

Termini Imerese Jetty and Pipeline survey

Glacier’s front imaging in the arctic

Compact tightly coupled GNSS/INS multibeam echo-sounders

Hydrographic Capability Test

NORBIT iWBMS Singapore

Deepwater / complex bottom – The Dalles Survey

MS Hamburg – Vessel of Opportunity Survey

Santa Barbara Multiculture Survey

Santa Barbara Multiculture Survey

Practical Multibeam Training for Hydrographers

Practical Multibeam Training for Hydrographers

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