-A leading provider of integrated situation awareness and environmental monitoring solutions

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NORBIT Aptomar

is a leading international provider of integrated monitoring solutions for the maritime sector.


SENSORS: We deliver sensors and sensor platforms used for a large number of monitoring, detection and reporting tasks, such as oil spill detection, vessel collision avoidance and environmental observation of birds and mammals. Either as standalone or integrated as part of a larger monitoring system.

SITUATIONAL AWARENESS SOLUTIONS: Our complete SeaCOP monitoring system allows the operator to manage multiple operations on multiple locations, whether it is for situational awareness purposes, environmental purposes or emergency response.

Areas of operation are:

  • Vessel Traffic Services
  • Offshore energy
  • Coast Guard and maritime law enforcement
  • Coastal surveillance
  • Ports and Harbors
  • Vessel operations


24/7 SURVEILLANCE SERVICES: NORBIT Aptomar’s 24/7 remote surveillance services within oil spill de-tection, vessel collision avoidance and environmental observation of birds and mammals are managed by professional mariners from our Aptomarin Maritime Control Centre in Trondheim.
Safeguard your personnel, the environment and assets by engaging NORBIT Aptomar.

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Example of in situ exercise with Maritime and Law enforcement.