NORBIT has its own Electronic Manufacturing Services division ­performing world class manufacturing in factories with a strong history dating back to the 1980s. Our services range from pure circuit board assembly, cable and wire harness to ­fabrication of complete ­products and systems.

With focus on world class manufacturing processes, we are proud to supply electronics into demanding markets including, Automotive, Medical, Defence, Energy, Marine and Subsea. We have three factories located in Norway, each with sharp focus on its´ unique core processes.

NORBIT Kabelpartner is our cable and wire harness expert, with extensive experience in cable and electromechanical assembly.

NORBIT Selbu is our high complexity PCBA and box build factory, with services ranging from pure circuit board assembly to fabrication of complete products and systems.

NORBIT Røros is our high volume PCBA and thick film hybrid circuit manufacturer, with fully automated manufacturing lines making robust electronic products for demanding customers.