Tailored connectivity solutions to traffic systems and vehicle applications

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ITS is a leading supplier of products and solutions based on dedicated short-range communication (DSRC) technology for use both in vehicles and on the roadside. Through innovative approaches the products are optimized for a multitude of application types and use cases, while maintaining a common set of features that ensures flexibility, useability and interoperability.

ITS offers CEN DSRC based connectivity devices and solutions for many vehicle-based (OBE) applications, including smart tachographs, satellite-based truck tolling, battery-operated DSRC OBUs and tailored solutions integrated with GNSS and GSM antennas. The devices have capacity for numerous applications and are compliant with EETS standards, including Italian ‘UNI’ (ETSI ES 300 674-1 compliant) DSRC tolling. As products support both variants of European DSRC they support fully EETS compliant solutions for seamless, trans-European driving.

Standard DSRC OBUs are self-contained units with an integrated battery for many years of unattended operation, even under the most demanding conditions.

DSRC modules can be integrated into GNSS OBEs, adding capabilities to dynamically support multiple variants of EFC tolling, Autonomous (GNSS-based) tolling enforcement and many other DSRC applications.

CAN-bus based DSRC OBEs are suitable for use with Smart Tachographs for standardized communication between a dashboard-mounted Tachograph unit and a windscreen mounted DSRC unit.

ITS also offers CEN DSRC RSU systems for ‘roadside’ use, scaling from small desktop solutions to redundant multi-lane free flow systems, where a roadside system integrator can incorporate CEN DSRC functionality using the same interfacing for any size of RSU system.

ITS has more than a decade of knowledge in how to achieve necessary approvals, certifications and validations at the applicable authorities and certification agencies. ITS has a long tradition in assisting customers in all phases, from product integration to approval/certification in individual countries.