Intellingent Traffic Systems (“ITS”): NORBIT´s ITS business unit has been a leading provider of products and solutions to international system integrators for more than 10 years. NORBIT has evolved into an independent supplier of tailored connectivity solutions based on short range communication technology to intelligent traffic systems. ITS has seen a step-up in both revenue and profitability driven by long-term contracts with international blue-chip clients.

NORBIT ITS is a provider of tailored solutions, based on dedicated short range communication – DSRC, to niche markets within international intelligent traffic systems (ITS).

NORBIT offers connectivity devices for satellite-based truck tolling, i.e. tailored DSRC integrated with GPS and GSM antennas, and DSRC based connectivity devices for smart tachographs.

NORBIT has supplied DSRC products based on the CEN (European Committe for Standardization) standard to professional customers for over 10 years. The range of products covers all relevant uses of CEN DSRC, both in the vehicle, at the roadside and at service desks.

DSRC 2G , Dedicated short range communication device with integrated GNSS and GSM antennas
Connectivity modules for smart tachographs