Tailored connectivity solutions to traffic systems and truck applications

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NORBIT ITS provides a comprehensive range of CEN DSRC products for both roadside and in-vehicle use. Through extensive knowledge of all aspects of DSRC technology and its use, NORBIT ITS has created a range of products suitable for all CEN DSRC applications.

The OBUs and DSRC Modules employ state-of-the-art ASIC technology for compact size, long lifetime and a high degree of flexibility. OBUs and DSRC Modules are compliant with all relevant standards, and can contain a large number of DSRC application elements. OBUs can be equipped with customer specific labeling.

RSUs use the NORBIT ITS signature helix antenna, ensuring a well-defined communication zone. The RSUs support multi-lane free flow tolling, single-lane tolling and parking/access use. All RSU products employ advanced signal processing and built-in DSRC protocol handling, allowing easy and flexible integration for a multitude of purposes.