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Innovative IoT solutions for asset and vehicle management

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Smart Data consists of the software and service provider iData, specialised in vehicle monitoring, telematics services and fleet management. In addition, Smart Data offers Connected Solutions with tailored IoT expertise including asset and vehicle monitoring, tracking and management solutions.

iData specializes in vehicle monitoring, tailored reporting, fleet management and fuel control, and has almost 20 years of experience in this domain. With its iTrack GPS tracking system, iData’s mainly subscription based solutions are used by more than 4 800 companies in around 40 000 vehicles. iData also offers e-toll payment solutions that are used in more than 10 000 vehicles. iData predominately operates in Hungary and its neighbouring countries where it has a strong market position.

Connected Solutions enable efficient digitalisation in almost any business vertical. 25 billion devices are currently connected to the Internet according to the research and business intelligence firm Gartner. Sensors and IoT devices connected to the Internet are used in a variety of applications and redefining industries. NORBIT has identified vehicle and asset tracking and monitoring as a good extension of the Connectivity business. In addition, there are verticals where NORBIT can act as a technology and manufacturing partner for other companies to bring Connected Solutions into their core domains.

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