NORBIT Subsea specialises in ultra-compact wideband multibeam sonars for subsea and surface platforms.

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Introducing NORBIT iWBMS Ekinox

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WINGHEAD Multibeam Sonar Family

NORBIT WINGHEAD®️ Multibeam sonar System-
Dual Head Application

Survey with NORBIT WINGHEAD®️ sonar on Maritime Robotics Otter USV

ultra high resolution Multibeam Echo Sounder

WBMS Multibeam Sonar Family

Budapest Bridge Survey with NORBIT iWBMS

Budapest Shipwreck Survey using iWBMS and FLS Sonar Systems

Pole Mounted Multibeam Survey using NORBIT Data Acquisition Software (DCT)

iWBMS Sonar with DCT on Maritime Robotics USV Use Case

Video from Ocean Business (OB) 2019

NORBIT STX Multibeam Sonar System

Survey of Newlyn Harbour with NORBIT Sonar system (by Ultrabeam hydrographic)

Acoustic Detection of Macroalgae and Glaciers Mapping in Arctic Fjords

NORBIT iWBMS sonar 3D Point Cloud (by GBT)

Gabri’s Seastick AUV trials with NORBIT FLS

USGS and Northern Arizona University Channel Mapping in the Grand Canyon

Lake Survey Using NORBIT iWBMS Sonar System

NORdredge, NORBIT Dredge Solution using NORBIT iSTX360

Portcoast Consultant Vietnam latest USV with NORBIT iWBMS & iLIDAR capability for all types of coastal engineering surveys.

iWBMS Ekinox survey in Paris

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NORdredge Video using NORBIT iSTX360

Introducing NORBIT Sonar Test Tank

Introducing NORBIT Connect

Simplifying Multibeam Surveying with DCT

Introduction to NORBIT Data Acquisition Software (DCT) – English

Naming NORBIT WINGHEAD Multibeam Sonar

NORBIT Remote multibeam sonar Demonstrations

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