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FCL600 – Fish Centric Lighting

NORBIT has years of experience in developing and producing underwater lights to the aquaculture industry. NORBIT also has trained personnel to support and advise the fish farmers in aspects related to the biological effects and correct use of aquaculture lighting.

After a long and thorough development process, the result is an underwater lamp based on the premises of the fish and the farmer’s daily operations.

PDC – Power Distribution Cabinet

NORBIT has developed a unique closed unit to power underwater lights in the aquaculture industry. The PDC can be mounted under any handrail, including steel cages. This ensures that it does not hinder daily operations or obstruct traffic on the footpath.

ClearSignal® coating

ClearSignal® is a clear non-toxic coating that resists biofouling as a result of the non-stick properties of the coating itself. ClearSignal® utilizes advanced material technologies to achieve its properties and performance. The product is permanent coating that is designed to last the life of the platform or instrument it is protecting. Unlike traditional antifouling systems which rely on active biocides and whose effectiveness degrades with time, ClearSignal® remains 100% effective over time.