NORBIT Subsea specialises in ultra-compact wideband multibeam sonars for subsea and surface platforms.

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Subsea Case Study: Acoustic Remote Sensing for Underwater Archaeology

NORBIT Subsea and 2BControl, in collaboration with Institute of Heritage Science of the Italian National Research Council (ISPC_CNR, Naples) conducted a very successful demonstration in the Baia submerged Park. The park was a famous and fashionable resort city in Roman times, with luxury villas and baths with hot springs. Most of the city was submerged between the 3rd and 8th century AD due to vertical ground movements induced by a local volcanic phenomena known as “Bradydeism”.

Recent developments in high frequency acoustic mapping allow for detailed reconstruction of submerged objects providing a valuable tool for recognizing and describing archaeological resources on the seabed.

The survey was carried out on an 8m long motorboat during 2 days of data acquisition, using the WINGHEAD i77h, the new high-resolution multibeam sonar system from NORBIT.

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submerged city of Baia

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