NORBIT Subsea specialises in ultra-compact wideband multibeam sonars for subsea and surface platforms.

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PortCoast Consultant Corporation, Vietnam acquires a turnkey bathymetry survey platform solution.

NORBIT and Victory Instrument JSC, is pleased to deliver a turnkey USV survey solution of NORBIT iWBMS and Maritime Robotics Otter to PortCoast Consultant Corporation, Vietnam. 

PortCoast Consultant is an ISO-certified multi-discipline engineering company established in 2004, that specialized in port, coastal, and waterways. One of Portcoast’s strengths is the application and development of survey techniques such as topographic, bathymetry, hydrology, geotechnical investigation, and 3D laser scanning. Besides traditional construction consulting services, Portcoast is promoting the development and provision of BIM and Scan-to-BIM consulting services and is a leading consultant in the Scan-to-BIM field in Southeast Asia.

The acquisition of the latest NORBIT technology in multibeam survey and Unmanned Survey Vehicle will boost the competitiveness and efficiency of the PortCoast Consultant survey and hydrography capability in offering a rapid mobilisation and unmanned solution in difficult to locations in the shortest time possible.

NORBIT is pleased to welcome PortCoast Consultant Corporation and Victory Instrument JSC to the NORBIT Explore More family.

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