NORBIT Subsea specialises in ultra-compact wideband multibeam sonars for subsea and surface platforms.

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Latest NORBIT Multibeam Survey Technology Gains Immediate Sales

NORBIT Subsea are proud to announce the launch of their latest fully active stabilised multibeam sonar system. Building on the WBMS platform, the new  “iWBMSh Stabilised” system was launched at the NORBIT Subsea Global Partner Day event held in Southampton, UK prior to Ocean Business 2023 exhibition. 

The system providing active Roll, Pitch and Yaw Stabilisation as well as Dual Swath capability brings next generational functionality and capability in a very small compact lightweight form factor. During the product launch presentation, both Seabed BV from Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Seismic Asia Pacific Pty Ltd. from Australia issued an order for the system. Ms. Elice Collewijn, General Manager, Seabed BV concurred that “Such performance and usability yet packaged in a compact system will appeal to many within our market”. Mr. Paul Duncan, CEO Seismic Asia Pacific Pty Ltd.  described the system as “revolutionary”.

Peter Eriksen, Business Unit Director at NORBIT Oceans commented: “We are very grateful to both Seabed  and Seismic Asia Pacific for their immediate commitment on our new product. The team at NORBIT work hard to ensure we deliver leading technology to the market, and the confidence shown by our partners demonstrates the exacting high standards for all our client multibeam deliverables. The market need for Active Stabilised multibeam technology has never been greater, and built upon the success of our WINGHEAD i80S, this new iWBMSh Stabilised product further provides solutions for more clients operating in more applications”. s

About NORBIT Subsea

NORBIT SUBSEA designs and develops wideband multibeam sonars for hydrographic and forward-looking applications. 
Our solutions are based on the latest in analog and digital signal processing and our products provide wide coverage monitoring combined with high sensitivity and accuracy.

NORBIT SUBSEA is part of the NORBIT ASA, an industrial corporation with companies in Subsea, Intelligent Traffic Systems and Original Design Manufacturing of industrial electronics. Our engineers have pioneered ground-breaking innovations within monitoring, instrumentation, telemetry and communication solutions for harsh environments. For further information please contact [email protected]  or reference   

About Seabed BV

Both in the offshore- and onshore industries, innovations are introduced in rapid succession. Seabed is specialised in technical services aimed at the development and implementation of both hardware and software. Besides a highly qualified staff, the company offers a wide range of high-quality instruments. Seabed offers a large range of survey equipment and utilities as well as a broad variety of hydrographic tools such as tide gauges, echo sounders and motion/heading sensors. To offer the complete package Seabed can also supply geotechnical equipment for soil sampling, such as the in-house developed electrical vibrocorer. Seabed’s scope of operations mainly covers hydrographic survey projects, dredging operations and services for the offshore industries. Its main clients are governmental organizations, port authorities and dredging contractors.

About Seismic Asia Pacific

Established in 1959, Seismic Asia Pacific Pty Ltd, is a leading provider of Hydrographic, Oceanographic, Geophysical and Navigation Systems within Australia and throughout South East Asia and the Pacific Rim. Seismic Asia Pacific is 100% Australian owned with its Corporate Office located in Brisbane, Queensland Australia.  Seismic Asia Pacific provides both hardware and software equipment and system solutions to local government, defense and resource-related sectors. Seismic Asia Pacific has offices located in Bangkok, Charleston, Manila and Singapore with teaming partners in  Indonesia, Kunming, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Pacific.

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