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Article: In Search of Underwater Rock Art

-in collaboration with the Traditional Custodians of Marujuga Sea Country.

By Dr. Mick O´Leary & Academia team with support from the private sector companies.

The multidisciplinary research team, collectively known as “Deep History of Sea Country”, mapped and explored potential archaeological sites on the seabed of Marajuga, using NORBIT iWBMS. This area represents one of the richest rock-art provinces anywhere in the world, including rock engravings from the antiquity, going back as far as 50,000 years.

The antiquity of the rock art suggests people had been coming to Murujuga (red circle), for tens of thousands of years, at a time before sea level rose, when the Murujuga was a rugged inland range and not the archipelago as we see it today. Could there be archaeological sites on the seabed within the protected waters of the Murujuga?

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