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NORBIT Aqua is presenting new products at HavExpo, Bergen

NORBIT Aqua is releasing the new FCL600 underwater lamp for aquaculture at HavExpo, Bergen 10th-12thMay. HavExpo is a new international fair for Norwegian aquaculture and fisheries which showcase the industry over three effective days, allowing visitors and exhibitors to meet customers, colleagues and contacts.  

Artificial light is known to accelerate fish growth and has been used in the aquaculture industry since the early 90s. This includes both cold- and warmwater species like cod, salmon, trout and kingfish, among others. Scientists and farmers have been working continuously to better understand the effects light has on farmed fish. With the introduction of LED in mid- 2000, new knowledge and possibilities have risen. In this lies new control options, purified light spectrum, energy savings, product lifetime and durability, HSE and fish welfare. NORBIT have merged all these characteristics into one unit, the FCL600, and the feedback from the industry on the fair’s first day has been very good! The clever design, the adapted light spectrum, the light weight, the choice of material, the light’s effect and the power distribution cabinet with its easy installation and safe placement are especially praised by the customers.  

In addition to the FCL600, we have also brought with us the prototype of the newly developed fish-farm integrated sensor cluster (FISC) financed by Innovation Norway. The FISC capsule contains a combination of hydroacoustics, camera and sensors for temperature, oxygen and current speed- and direction. The objectives are to improve surveillance of key environmental parameters in the sea, continuously and on several depths, and correlate changes in these with observed changes in fish behavior.  

We are looking forward to the next two days to come! 

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Come see us at HavExpo, Bergen!