NORBIT is a global provider of tailored technology to carefully selected niches

Tom Solberg

Board Member

Tom Solberg has served the Board of NORBIT since 21 May 2009 and was re-elected at the Group’s general meeting on 3 May 2019. Mr. Solberg holds a Masters degree in law and is currently the Chairperson, partner and lawyer in Pretor Advokat AS.

Solberg is a member of NORBIT’s Remuneration Committee.

Number of shares in NORBIT as of 24 September 2020: 65,789

Current directorships and senior management positions

Pretor Advokat AS, Chairperson
Mariteam AS, Chairperson
Soot Prosjekt AS, Chairperson
EYK AS, Chairperson
Nordbotn Eiendom AS, Chairperson
Norulf AS, Chairperson
NORBIT Subsea AS, Board member
NORBIT ODM AS, Board member
NORBIT ITS AS, Board member
NORBIT Aptomar AS, Board member
S Moe AS, Chairperson
Grand Hotel Arendal Drift AS, Board member
Grand Hotel Arendal Eiendom AS, Board member
Sennerudtoppen Bolig AS, Board member
Stretchceiling Scandinavia AS, Chairperson