NORBIT is a global provider of tailored technology to carefully selected niches

Per Jørgen Weisethaunet

Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Per Jørgen Weisethaunet has held the position as group CEO since 2001. Mr Weisethaunet has been the co-owner of NORBIT since 2008. He also has several years of experience as project engineer R&D, miscellaneous electronics design in various positions, and two years of experience as operations manager in Cargoscan Metler Toledo. Mr Weisethaunet has been chair and director of a number of executive boards. Mr Weisethaunet holds a master of science degree in RF & Microwave electronics from the Norwegian University of Technology, a Bachelor of science in electronics from Trondheim University of Engineering (TIH), business economics from Trondheim Economic University center of competence (TØHK) and supply chain management from BI Norwegian Business School.

Number of NORBIT shares* at 24 March 2021: 6 948 588

* Number of shares is including shares held by related parties