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NORBIT Cooperates With Continental On Intelligent Digital Tachograph

The intelligent digital tachograph will become mandatory for all newly registered trucks from mid of 2019, following a new EU directive. With the required DSRC technology (Dedicated Short Range Communication) for the integrated remote control mode, Continental Automotive relies on the solutions of NORBIT. The two companies have signed a cooperation agreement.

“Our short-range communication technology and many years of expertise as automotive electronics supplier enable us to tailor DSRC technology to this new application,” says Per Jørgen Weisethaunet, NORBIT Group CEO. “We are proud that the international technology leader in the automotive sector, Continental, has chosen us as a partner.”

Every year there is registered approximately 400.000 new trucks in EU, according to The European Automobile Manufacturers Association. Via the DSRC interface, a defined minimum amount of data from the intelligent digital tachograph will be transmitted wireless from the moving vehicle to the devices of the control officers after appropriate authentication. This data set contains vehicle and calibration data, information about security breaches and malfunctions.

Using this data, the control officers can selectively stop conspicuous vehicles and thus ensure greater safety. Thanks to this change, companies and drivers who comply with all legal regulations will be able to count on fewer checks and unplanned roadside stops.

The standardized DSRC interface is also prepared for other key functions, such as the transmission of data for on-board weighing or toll checks. In 2021, a Europe-wide amendment will come into force providing an integrated measuring system for the safe observance of axle loads and total vehicle weights. The information could then also be transmitted wirelessly via the DSRC interface.
Standardization activities at European level are currently taking place. The possible introduction of a Europe-wide harmonized tolling scheme can also benefit from this solution.

For further information, please contact:
Group CEO, Per Jørgen Weisethaunet, mobile: +47 959 62 915