NORBIT is a global provider of tailored technology to carefully selected niches

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Integrated Bathymetric Solutions

Our integrated solution features inertial navigation system GNSS/INS, which enhance a fast and reliable mobilization. NORBIT’s wideband multibeam technology allows long-range real-time data collection, while simultaneously achieving very high-range resolution. NORBIT sonars have low power consumption and the system may be operated for a full day on a single battery.

Leakage detection

The oil & gas industry is moving into harsh and vulnerable environments, and the need for more advanced monitoring is increasing. Utilizing the latest technlogoly available, NORBIT SUBSEA has developed a range of products. The NORBIT WBMS series are ultra compact sonars optimized for long range subsea leakage detection. The sensors are desgined to fit on a multitude of different platforms both stationary and moving.

NORBIT Subsea cALD system