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Seatronics Purchase Multiple NORBIT Sonar Systems For Rental Fleet

NORBIT is proud to announce the sale of multiple NORBIT iWBMS turnkey multibeam sonar systems to Seatronics, an Acteon company.

The NORBIT multibeam systems offer complete flexibility as a rental asset allowing installation for ROV, AUV, USV or vessel based projects. Despite a small form factor, the NORBIT iWBMS multibeam systems are proven to provide ease of operation yet deliver high-resolution bathymetry; Backscatter and Water Column data. With the truly integrated INS solution, the NORBIT iWBMS allows Seatronics clients to benefit from a complete multibeam solution in a single PeliCase facilitating ease of logistics, to support clients globally.

“We are experiencing high demand for NORBIT technology in all marine survey and engineering applications, so we look forward to working with Seatonics and supporting the rental demand globally from their regional bases,” says Peter Koldgaard Eriksen, Business Unit Director Oceans at NORBIT.

“Seatronics wish to ensure value and performance to our client base and are pleased to include NORBIT multibeams into our global asset pool. The small form factor of the NORBIT system means it is perfectly suited to deployment from our VALOR ROV platform specifically targeted at lower the cost of data collection offshore,” says Phil Middleton, Seatronics Group Managing Director.


NORBIT is an international, knowledge-based corporation that supplies tailored high-technology solutions to professional clients. With the spirit of explorers, NORBIT engineers have pioneered groundbreaking inventions within a wide range of applications. NORBIT Subsea delivers wideband multibeam sonars both for bathymetric and forward-looking market operations, providing wide-coverage monitoring combined with high sensitivity and accuracy. Based in Aberdeen, the UK office provides sales and support for NORBIT Subsea and partner companies.

For further information please contact [email protected] or reference www.norbit.com/subsea

About Seatronics

Seatronics Ltd, an Acteon company, supplies specialist subsea solutions pursuing excellence both in engineering capability and customer support. Seatronics’ continually developing expertise allows them to provide full-service capability on demand encompassing rental, sales, service and repair, calibration, personnel and asset management. For more information please visit www.seatronics-group.com

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