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Finn Haugan


Finn Haugan (born 1953) was the CEO of the listed company Sparebank 1 SMN from 1991 to 2019. Haugan has experience from several board positions, including chair of Sparebank 1 Gruppen, the industry organisation Finance Norway, and Norwegian Bank’s Guarantee Fund. He currently serves as chair of Sparebank 1 Sør Øst Norge (listed company), Sinkaberg Hansen AS, Borg Forvaltning AS, Elekt AS, Solon Eiendom AS, deputy chair of LL Holding AS, and is a director of OKEA ASA.

Chair since May 2019, re-elected 4 May 2022 for a period of two years. Chair of the remuneration committee.

Haugan attended 13 board meetings in 2022 (100 per cent attendance rate).

Number of NORBIT shares* at 30 June 2023: 93 998

* Number of shares is including shares held by related parties.

Current directorships and senior management positions

Sparebank 1 Sør Øst Norge, chair
Sinkaberg Hansen AS, chair
Borg Forvaltning AS, chair
Elekt AS, chair
Solon Eiendom AS, chair
LL Holding AS, deputy chair
OKEA ASA, director