Finn Haugan


Finn Haugan is the current Chairperson of the Company, which position he has held since 3 May 2019. Mr. Haugan has experience as CEO of Sparebank 1 from 1991 to 2019, in addition to partnership interests in Elekt AS, MiFi AS and Borgermestersvingen AS. Mr. Haugan holds a Master of Business administration.

Mr. Haugan is the also the Chairperson of NORBIT’s Remuneration Committee.

Current directorships and senior management positions

Okea ASA, Board member
Vipps AS, Board member
Fremtind Forsikring AS, Chairperson
BN Bank ASA, Chairperson
Elekt AS, Chairperson
Sinkaberg-Hansen AS, Chairperson
Bogermestervingen AS, Chairperson
MiFi AS, Board member
Kavli institute for neuroscience, Board member