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4D Multibeam Solution for Underwater Construction, Dredging and Rock Dumping.

NORdredge provides instantaneous 4D information to operators and project managers about the
job progress, facilitates immediate corrective actions and increases operational efficiency.

NORdredge Features

Tablet user interface
• Real-time dredging progress display
• Accurate (RTK) high resolution maps
• Remote access to data via WMS/WFS
GIS protocols
• Option for OEM integration
• 4D data (X,Y, Z and time)

NORdredge Display

NORBIT Offers Integrated Real-Time Monitoring Solution for Optimizing
Dredging, Rock Dumping and Scour Protection Operations.

Using conventional methods, acquiring an accurate depiction of the water bottom requires a survey vessel and crew to collect, process, and deliver hydrographic data while construction machinery and personnel standby. This process can be further hampered by weather conditions that exceed the survey vessel operating parameters or capacity limitations in survey equipment and personnel. NORdredge provides continuous real-time monitoring of the water bottom using a system mounted to the construction vessel, mitigating the schedule risk associated with conventional survey operations and delivering informative data to project personnel regardless of location.

Maximized Efficiency

• Quick mobilization for dynamic operations
• Reduce overall project personnel required onsite
• Acquire pre/post datasets while operations are underway
• Real-time placement and in-fill monitoring without waiting on survey vessel
• Identify and avoid hazards in real time and communicate to project team
• Focus operations where needed, minimize equipment moves and expensive rework

Informed Project Oversight

Simultaneous multi-user access for expedited communication across project team
• Remote quality control, change detection, and analysis
• Continuous survey support from technical experts via remote web access
• Instant progress report generation with WMS/WFS
• Instant remote upload of design templates and adjustments to plan
• Optimize resource management through accurate and timely progress reporting