NORBIT Subsea specialises in ultra-compact wideband multibeam sonars for subsea and surface platforms.

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NORBIT’s WINGHEAD Wideband Multibeam Sonar Applied for Subsea Leakage Detection

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WINGHEAD i77h Datasheet

An oil slick was seen on the surface of Nootka Sound and staining on rocks of nearby Bligh Island, west of Vancouver Island, Canada, in late 2020. This set in motion an emergency operation to identify the source of the pollution and plan measures to protect the local ecosystem. Canadian authorities contracted the Resolve Marine Group, which requested Trondheim-based NORBIT to perform a technical assessment. NORBIT’s U.S. partner Seahorse Geomatics executed the contract.

The key objective was to make a rapid and accurate determination of the source of the diesel and oil that had appeared on the ocean’s surface. The company carried out hydrographic survey work using a NORBIT WINGHEAD i77h multibeam echosounder (MBES) system. The team deployed the device both from the surface, mounted onto a small rescue-type craft, and underwater, from a Helix remotely operated vessel (ROV) model XLX 66.  

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