NORBIT Security

NORBIT Security

Business Unit Director Oceans

Peter Koldgaard Eriksen

+1 (805) 708 3877

VP Sales – Underwater Security

Giuseppe Di Stefano

+1 469 952 9314

VP Service and Support

Jon Marcus

+1 (805) 259 5272

Group CTO and Business Unit Director PIR (ODM)

Arild Søraunet

+47 926 54 732

Security and Defence

NORBIT Security combines a selection of products from across the NORBIT Group, each having its own strong pedigree and capabilities within defence and security.

Over 20 years applying core competences in defence, security and maritime surveillance:

  • Underwater Acoustic Systems
  • RF and uW Signal Processing
  • Data Fusion and Telemetry
  • Situational Awareness and Monitoring
  • Secure cloud solutions

Underwater Acoustics

  • Ultra-compact, low power systems that don’t sacrifice performance. NORBIT SONARs are suitable for deployment on a variety of platforms whether moving or stationary. Typical applications supported include:
  • Waterside Security, intruder detection
  • Obstacle Avoidance or Inspection/Imaging
  • 3D monitoring and scanning
  • Rapid Assessment of critical infrastructure
  • Target/Change detection including hull scanning

Commercially based solutions and custom R&D

NORBIT Security provides high performance commercial-off-the- shelf (COTS) products suitable for adaptation to a variety of defence and security applications. Our multidisciplinary R&D capabilities provide clients the ability to push the boundaries of our technology further while maintaining a fraction of the typical NRE costs associated with typical defence and security integrations.

Securus Sensor is an EO sensor designed for the maritime environment. The system features:

  • HD Camera & Powerful Xenon Searchlight
  • Advanced Actively Cooled Infrared Camera
  • Multi-Axis Stabilized Sensor Platform
  • High End Optical Magnification
  • Data Fusion & Situational Awareness SW