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Clean Seas Association Meeting

NORBIT Oceans hosted a 2-day visit from the Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies last week. The on-site managers for offshore and coastal oil spill operations got a complete tour of our headquarters in Trondheim, with presentations of subsea and surface remote sensing technology and solutions. They further got an operational demonstration of the NORBIT Aptomar oil spill preparedness system implemented by Vår Energi at the Goliat field in the Barents Sea. They completed the visit with a walk-through of the new SeaCOP software in our new live lab, with camera and radar input from the roof overlooking the Trondheim harbor. We had a good discussion about Norwegian oil spill preparedness today and in the future and discussed the challenges and possibilities related to collaboration, communication, standards and data-sharing in particular. We got a lot of valuable input to the future development of SeaCOP as a detection, monitoring, and collaboration tool in oil spill contingency.