Subsea lights and innovative sensor solutions for fisheries and the aquaculture industry

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NORBIT Aqua is providing technical solutions as well as services to the aquaculture industry.
The main areas of expertise are:

Products and solutions

  • Submerged technology (lights, environmental and acoustic sensors)
  • Top-side technology (lights and camera systems)
  • Sensor integration and user-friendly decision support tools
  • Specialized underwater cables with power cabinets for subsea usage as well as infrastructure to support top-side sensors
  • State of the art anti-fouling systems

Delevopment, design, testing, production and other services

  • Fast prototyping
  • Test facilities for submerged technology
  • Diverse and flexible production units
  • Marine habitat and sea bottom mapping


NORBIT has years of experience in developing and producing underwater lights to the aquaculture industry. NORBIT also has trained personnel to support and advise the fish farmers in aspects related to the biological effects and correct use of aquaculture lighting.

After a long and thorough development process, the result is an underwater lamp based on the premises of the fish and the farmer’s daily operations.